We are XANADU1816

About us

Ever since the Venetian explorer Marco Polo bought back stories of a fantastic Eastern Capital - Xanadu has become synonymous with splendour, luxury and opulence. This reputation was further enhanced by the opening lines of Samuel Coleridge’s famous poem - Kubla Khan:

“In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure-dome decree:Where Alph, the sacred river, ran Through caverns measureless to man Down to a sunless sea”

Extract from Kubla Khan written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Published 1816)

Taking inspiration from Coleridge’s poem, XANADU1816 was incorporated in 2006 to deliver a new concept in male grooming, to Yorkshire, by combining quality traditional barbering services delivered by professional stylists with exclusive skin and body treatments normally associated with five star hotels, all easily within strategically located centres, ensuring ease of access; whether it’s for a quick 30 minute ‘Cut + Finish’ or a few hours of self-indulgence and relaxation, we’ve created the perfect environment.

Our first centre on Thornton Road was designed from scratch, with customised bespoke fixtures, produced to our exacting standards by quality cabinet makers, the whole centre was hand fitted using the finest materials throughout - from American Black Walnut to Italian Porcelain tiles, from Retro Hand Caste Barbers chairs to individual LCD screens for each hairdressing bay. No expense was spared and the attention to detail was boarding on the obsessive! Our obsessive approach, did not wane, and our move in 2015, to our spiritual home in Eastbrook Hall, (Little Germany) gave us the exposure to a much wider audience, and an opportunity to deliver our quality services/products to a diverse, vibrant, multi-cultural clientele.

We are truly blessed with dedicated patron’s, some who have been clients from the very beginning of our journey - They know who they are and remind us on a regular basis!

We hope that we have now created the foundations of a business model, which we can continuously refine to meet the exacting standards of service and care that we have set for ourselves, and which our clients expect and deserve. We continue to learn and evolve and look to provide our clients the standards of service from a begone age.

We look forward to being of service to you and look forward to welcoming you to XANADU1816.

Please enjoy your stay!

M. Mansha
Head of Business Development.